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Refund Policy

Requesting a Refund for using a money-back guaranteed policy

Popul8iT offers a money-back guaranteed period on all of its initial consultancy services, including:

- Social Media Management - Graphic Design & Branding - E-mail Marketing & Copywriting - Web Design & Development 

On this page, you can understand and learn more about its conditions and how to apply them:

  • Eligibility for a refund

  • NOT Eligibility for a refund

  • Request process for a refund

Eligibility for a refund

  • You might be eligible for a full refund if you requested your consultancy fee within the agreed guarantee period.

  • You did not, and confirm will not, escalate the matter.

  • The refund policy applies to new customers, not members’ payments or upgrades of existing customers’ quotes (unless the original was within the agreed guarantee period).

  • You reported requests were not implemented by Popul8iT and that you can share proof of emails or communications about it.

  • Popul8iT still have full access to the work done, and you are willing to hand over all the work that you are not satisfied with back to Popul8iT, and you sign off not using it in the future. 

NOT Eligibility for a refund

  • Your refund request was outside of the guarantee period.

  • If you agreed to changes and confirmed satisfaction via communication or emails and later changed your mind.

Request process for a refund

For us to investigate and action your request, please fill out and submit the below application:

Refund Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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