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Refund Policy

Requesting a Refund for using a money-back guaranteed policy

Popul8iT offers a money-back guaranteed period on all of its initial consultancy services including:

- Social Media Management - Graphic Design & Branding - E-mail Marketing & Copywriting - Web Design & Development 

On this page, you can understand and learn more about its conditions and how to apply them:

  • Eligibility for a refund

  • NOT Eligibility for a refund

  • Request process for a refund

Eligibility for a refund

  • You might be eligible for a full refund if you purchased your consultancy plan within the agreed guarantee period.

  • The refund policy applies to new customers, not members’ payments or upgrades of existing customers’ quotes (unless the original was within the agreed guarantee period).

  • You reported changes that were not implemented by Popul8iT and can share emails or communications about it.

  • Popul8iT still have full access to the work done, and you are willing to hand over all the work that you are not satisfied with to Popul8iT.

NOT Eligibility for a refund

  • A request came after the agreed guarantee period.

  • If the customer agreed to changes and confirmed satisfaction by communication or emails and later changed their mind.

Request process for a refund

For us to investigate and action your request, please fill out and submit the below application:

Refund Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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