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About the job

Job Description

Use digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create Social media designs.

Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations to help deliver a message

Design layouts, including a selection of colours, images, and typefaces

Present design concepts to art directors

Collaborate with fellow designers to develop new approaches for creating more-expressive graphics for the company

Create a successful, strong well-composed layouts for educational information that will be used in animated videos. it should attract attention, clarify understanding, and engage the viewer for screen-based projects.

Perform retouching and manipulation of images

Job Requirements

Deep understanding of Graphic fundamentals, Such as Graphic Design Elements and Graphic Design Principles and Typography, Color Psychology, Typography Psychology, etc...

Expert at using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Strong attention to detail and have a keen eye for aesthetics.

Exceptional creativity and innovative design skills

Organizational and time-management skills for meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment

You have excellent communication skills and can clearly articulate your ideas, designs, and suggestions.

Web, Mobile, and Social Media Designer

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