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  • Go-LIVE Business Ready Package

Go-LIVE Business Ready Package

Hors TVA

This Package is suitable for a pre-launch website when the owner wants to make sure a quick tidy up and clean up of the website design is done, end-to-end review of the website design, content review, social media links integration, Search Engine Optimisation readiness, Google ranking readiness, domain connectivity, and mobile design readiness. 


All of these review tasks will be done before the website launch. Additionally, if any changes are needed to the website during the development process, we can also take care of that. We ensure all aspects of your pre-launch website are ready for a flawless launch. 



    • The package comes with 3 video conference sessions. 
      • Session 1 scope and design discussion 
      • Session 2 Prototype Review for GO-LIVE
      • Session 3 Followup (optional)
    • Popul8IT offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • A 5% price match reduction that applies to all identical competitor products and services that offer the same as provided by Popul8IT. The competitor item you are comparing should be a service offered by Popul8IT.
  • - Social Media Management - Graphic Design & Branding - E-mail Marketing & Copywriting

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